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안녕하십니까 (주)신한양행입니다.

SHINHAN Co., Ltd. Who started as the first manufacturer of Metallic Glitter Powder in Korea.

We manufacture and supply variety kinds of Metallic Glitter Powder, based on 30 years manufacture experiences. We always put a lot of efforts to enhance our products quality and have a solid R&D division.

In addition, we do our best to have efficient facility process. Our goals are "Perfect Production!, The Best Quality and Quick Delivery"

From start to the end of production, we will manufacture the best products with our know-how. By providing technical development and superior products, we will give the satisfaction to customers as a professional leading company.

We wish for your continuous support and encouragement rendered to us. Thank you.

Shinhan Co., LTD. C.E.O WooJin Jang