• Heat Transfer Vinyls
  • Glitter Sheet
  • PET Sheet
  • EMBO PET Sheet
  • PU Sheet
  • PVC Sheet
  • Flock Sheet
  • Stretch HD-Metallic
  • Self-Adhesive Film
  • Glitter Sheet
  • PET Sheet
  • Glitter Powder Sheet
  • Glitter Powder
  • Spangle
  • Glass Beads
  • Silver Glitter Powder

Glass Beads

Glass Beads Product This is very special product covered by glass beads in fabric, paper & film and mainly used for interior materials.(Wall covering, Panels for Furniture & Electronic product) Especially Glass Beads on non-woven fabric is eco-friendly with the process of anti-flaming, water-repellent & prevention of discoloring. This has been developed first time in Korea and our Co., has the patent.

Glass Beads
관련 인증서 및 시험 성적서