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Silver Glitter Powder

Silver Glitter Powder Recognized as a kind of disease caused by environmental contamination. ‘New House Syndrome’ emerging as a recent social issue, is known to harm our health. Since the asbestos or constructional finishing materials of newly built house or building intoxicates human body by emitting toxic material, we introduce you functional argentine powder(negative ion+silver) that prevents ‘new house syndrome’ by strong disinfecting powder, competence to block electronic wave and water vein wave, antibiosis, emission of negative ion and deodorization.

Silver Glitter Powder
Relative Certificates and Test Reports
Silver Glitter Powder Color
What is 'New House Syndrome'?
Caused by toxic material emitter from newly built or rebuilt building, 'New House Syndrome' results in diverse symptoms such s headache, bomiting, losing the sense of equilbrium and respiratory disease as well as disorders such as disturbance of autonomic nerbous system, stopic dermatitis, stenocardia and diverse cencers.
제품 장애
plywood, wall paper, floors, furniture stmulating skin and mucosa, respiratory di! Sorder, disorder of central nerve, atopy.
aromatic, pigment, wax, solvent of resin vomiting, headache, displeasure, carcinogenic
detergent for dry cleaning bomiting, headache, displeasure
insecticide, vermicide stimulating mucosa, blood disorder, bomiting, headache, displeasure, disorder of central nerve
liquid with aroma of fruit, plastic solvent bomiting, headache, displeasure
Negative ion?
Having high energy, X-ray, R-ray and untraviolet ray emitted from various electronic and electric products including TV, PC, cellular phone generate positive ion in the air. The increased quantity of positive ion can cause diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, headache, languidness, dermatitis and so on. On the contrary, negative ion neutralizes harmful system, purifying air, eliminating dust and sterilizing.
Test Result
Test Item Test Result Test Method
Negative ion Black 75 KICM-FIR-1042
Sample 4514
  • * Measured diameter : 0.1 ~ 0.03
  • * Measured concentration : Less than 2.6 X 105
  • * Measuring environment : temperature 0-40, gumidity under 80%
자체내 시험결과
  • Normal powder tester
  • Negative ion powder tester
What is antibiosis?
It refers to all inhibiting activity, antibiotic competence and antibiotic activation that far infrared products and their raw material and subsidiary material produce against germ.
시험항목 시험결과 시험방법
Initial Concentration (CFU/40p) Concentration after 24hrs (CFU/40p) Germ reducing rate(%)
Antibiotic test by Escherichia coli Blank 464 2613 - KICM-FIR-1002
Argentine powder 464 1 99.8
Applied Method
  • * KS K 0693-95 : 0.1 ~ 0.03
  • * KICM - FIR - 1002 : SHAKE FLASK Method
  • * KICM - FIF - 1003 : Pressurized cohesion method
  • KICM
  • 음이온파우더 측정기
What is Deodorization?
Measuring the alteration of concentration(ppm) of test gas within the measuring time in connection with the ability to absorb and eliminate harmful gas and stenchy gas from industrial products and materials subject to the measure of deodorization
Test Result
시험항목 시험결과
Elapsing Time(Min) Black Concentration(ppm) Sample Concentration(ppm) Deodorizing Rate(%)
Test Result 30 194 20 89.7
60 152 12 92.1
90 131 9 93.1
120 116 7 94.1
Test Method KICM - FIR - 1085
  • Gas concentration curve in accordance with the elapsing time(FID-680)
  • * KS K 0693-95 : 0.1 ~ 0.03
  • * KICM - FIR - 1002 : SHAKE FLASK Method
  • * KICM - FIF - 1003 : Pressurized cohesion method
  • Hexagonal functional powder
    Hexagonal functional powder
  • 1. Hexagonal functional argentine powder